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Expanding Easy Hose - 100ft - Green

Expanding Easy Hose - 100ft - Green

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No tangles, no twists, and no more dragging around a heavy garden hose.


This amazing expanding hose is a lightweight and durable garden hose you will never have to struggle with due to its brilliant and innovative design - it never twists, tangles or kinks.

Simply connect this flexible hose to any standard garden tap, turn on the water and it immediately expands and stretches to three times its normal length.

Weighing only a pound, the secret is in its dual layered design: a tough rubber expandable inner hose covered by a super-strong outer webbing layer which adds durability and resilience.

When not being used, it shrinks back to its normal compact size with no need to take up precious room in the garage or shed as you would with a conventional bulky and heavy hose reel.

Comes with a 7-in-1 soft-grip spray gun, universal snap-on connectors at eacg end, tap connector (1/2" and 3/4" thread). Maximum water pressure: 6 BAR (87PSI).

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Additional Information

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